The race to replace Governor Christie is heating up.

Of course, most people have no idea who the candidates are and despite excessive early spending, presumed front-runner for not only the Democratic nomination but also to win the office, is Phil Murphy, who has gained little traction.  He sits at 17% in the primary poll tied with "Other."  It's kind of embarrassing for a man who thinks he's gonna walk in without a fight.

Politics is an interesting business and you never know what's gonna happen next.  For one candidate, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the opportunity came in the form of Murphy's low numbers, an unfortunately-timed chamber trip, a Port Authority meeting and a bill to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.  Wisniewski had a lot of ground to cover during a quick interview with me, but John made it clear, he's gonna fight hard to bring some sense to the discussion of whether or not the new Port Authority bus terminal should be a priority. He also said that his fellow Democrat Senator Cory Booker got it wrong on the prescription drug bill.

Wisniewski and I don't agree on the location of the new bus terminal. I see it as a neighborhood revitalization plan for NYC, instead of a much needed, commuter-friendly solution to the grueling commute in and out of Manhattan.


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