On Thursday, March 26 at 7 p.m., New Jersey 101.5 presented a live broadcast giving you the chance to ask some of New Jersey's best doctors your questions about how the novel coronavirus affects New Jersey.

The program built on our earlier conversation with medical and business leaders March 12 — a lifetime ago, in terms of this outbreak. At the time, New Jersey counted its coronavirus patients in the dozens, and the most pressing direction from state leaders was to wash your hands and keep a distance from people when possible. The restrictions we live with now would start coming days later.

Things have changed. New Jersey started this workweek with nearly 3,000 cases. Gov. Phil Murphy has ordered all non-essential businesses closed to the public, and all workplaces to have employees work from home whenever possible. Public gatherings of any kind are prohibited — and so are private parties. Public health officials have acknowledged most of their efforts aren't about lowering the total number of cases New Jersey will see, but spreading them out enough not to overwhelm its health care system as resources ramp up.

Meanwhile, day care centers remain open, supermarket employees (deemed essential) are on the frontline alongside first-responders and doctors, and new cases develop each day. Of particular concern for state officials are cases and deaths in senior care facilities — because the elderly and those with underlying conditions are most at risk from coronavirus.

Still, there's good news. Most patients recover without complications. Some never knew they had the disease at all. About 15 to 20 percent result in hospitalization, and that's what New Jersey leaders say we need to be prepared to serve without compromising care for others needing emergency help.

Replay the discussion here:

The program’s on-air expert panel featured Dr. Margaret Fisher, infectious disease specialist at RWJBarnabas Health, also the medical director at Unterberg Children’s Hospital and chair, Department of Pediatrics, Monmouth Medical Center; Dr. Manisha Parulekar, program director and chief of the Division of Geriatrics at Hackensack University Medical Center, and Dr. Kevin Slavin, director of quality for Hackensack Meridian Health Children’s Services, specializing in pediatric infectious diseases.

In Facebook Live chat Dr. Ashwin Jathavedam, chief of infectious disease at Englewood Health, answered your questions as they came in. Joining him were New Jersey 101.5 State House Bureau Chief Michael Symons and Digital Managing Editor Louis C. Hochman to answer questions about the state's handling of the outbreak.

See our previous program on the novel coronavirus below:

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