Beyond law enforcement and catching bad guys, New Jersey cops have a mission of protecting and serving local communities in other ways.

This week, I wanted to highlight the heroes in the Asbury Park Police for partnering with my friends at CFC Loud-N-Clear. The Regan family has been at the forefront of the battle against addiction and the promotion of sober living. They have an incredibly successful model of supporting recovery through peer driven programs. The R.I.S.E program (Recovery, Intervention, Support and Education) facilitate a partnership between the cops and the recovery teams.

CFC recovery teams will work closely with the Asbury Police in order to respond to arrests and overdoses to get people the help they need. The fact that the Asbury PD gets it and recognizes that fighting the addiction crisis in NJ is gonna take a combined effort between law enforcement and recovery teams is a breath of fresh air.

It's only through these types of strong partnerships that we can turn the tide of addiction and overdose deaths.

Thank you to Chief David Kelso for standing up and fighting back. Happy to recognize the entire Asbury Park PD this #BlueFriday

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