Over the weekend, I went to dinner with my wife Jodi and some friends. We were offered a communal table and of course I spoke for the group and said 'Yes." What I didn't realize is that the couple we were with did not want to sit at a communal table. Awkward!

One of our friends, we'll call him "Ed," puled me aside and said that his wife would not want to sit at a communal table. Oddly enough, Ed's wife said that it was Ed who took issue with it not her.

If you haven't noticed, I like to talk. I love to talk to people. I even enjoy going to the diner and sitting at the counter. So why wouldn't I enjoy sitting at a communal table? Some of the morning show staff? Not so much.

While News Anchor Patrick Lavery joined me in enjoying being seated at a group table, Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, Traffic's Bob Williams and my producer Chris Swendeman, all said thumbs down to the idea.

What about you? Would you be ok with being seated at a communal table?

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