A New Jersey franchisee of IHOP is trying something different, and has started a campaign to cater funeral receptions. With the slogan Come Hungry, Leave Happy, the Bloomfield IHOP is using their private guest room for future funeral receptions with the hopes of lightening the mood in a time of mourning with IHOP's traditional fun breakfast foods.

Owner Clifford Gennarelli has put together packages that would start at around $7 per person, and the private room would be able to house 60 people with amenities like a big screen TV and DVD player that could be used for special presentations to remember the dead.

IHOP Pancakes

Although the smell of bacon, eggs, and fluffy pancakes always seems to have a euphoric affect on me, I'm not sure if I would be in the mood to see pancakes with strawberry eyes and a banana smile when I just lost a loved one. The concept definitely makes sense and Clifford Gennarelli says these parties would "really [be] done to get people to visit our store and get to know us and hopefully come back again with their families," but I am not convinced people will take this seriously enough to actually participate.

The $7 per head packages are not priced for the restaurant to really make any money, but has the purpose of helping to make people feel better during a tough time and establishing a connection and relationship with these people strong enough to create loyal repeat customers.

The question still remains, is IHOP an appropriate place to have a funeral reception? You tell me.