A new smartphone app in Camden County will allow citizens to quickly send police tips about anything they see or hear that might be suspicious.

County Police Lt. Zsakhiem James said STOPit is not intended to replace calling 911, but is "another supplementary tool so that you can contact us to relate things that are not necessarily emergency nature but something that you want us to know about."

Through the app, a user can describe an incident and notify police. The user can include a video or picture, and it goes directly to Camden's  Real Time Crime Intelligence Center.

James said STOPit is easy to install for Camden county residents: "You can either go to the Apple App Store or you can go to the Google Play Store."

"It is a supplementary communication for something that is not emergent but yet you would want us to know, and want us to act on before it becomes emergent," he said.

The STOPit app is also being used by police in Somerset county.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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