When the news broke of Aaron Hernandez's death, we at first discussed the life Hernandez had off the field that ultimately led to his demise. Then, the discussion turned to a much deeper discussion about suicide.

My producer Chris Swendeman labeled Hernandez a "thug" and a "coward" for committing suicide. That comment sent the entire discussion we were having in a different direction. I said that while I didn't want to make him a victim,  I thought Hernandez's death was ultimately the result of stress and emotional weakness. I think that by Hernandez killing himself in his cell, it speaks to a failed prison system.

A caller named Judi was upset with my producer's comments about Hernandez, saying that she lost her daughter to suicide. It was a heartbreaking and tragic story. Judi thought that suicide is not a coward's way out and that suicide is a sickness. "Think of how strong you have to be to do that to take your life," Judi commented.  We have a devaluation of human life, no matter old or young, with things like assisted suicide, which I have said on the show that I am not a fan of. I agreed with Judi that suicide isn't necessarily a coward's way out. Some people make bad decisions and then cannot face them.

You can listen to the entire piece, including my producer's rebuttal to Judi's call, in the YouTube clip above.

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