College students: before going off to school, AAA Mid-Atlantic advises you not to make these "rookie" mistakes.

Teen Drivers
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It is important for parents and college-bound teens to be on the same page regarding safety precautions.

"AAA Mid-Atlantic encourages parents to help their students avoid some common and potentially costly mistakes - or at least know how to handle them - before they leave home." Nick Eppinger, senior vice president of insurance sales for AAA Mid-Atlantic said in an emailed press release on Thursday. "College is an exhilarating experience, but it can be a little overwhelming too."

According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, college-bound students should follow these tips:

  • Think before letting someone borrow your car: If you loan a car to a friend or roommate and there's a crash, the crash will go against whoever owns the vehicle - which is usually Mom and Dad.
  • Consider renters insurance: A policy usually costs $150 per year, and covers valuable dorm room items (like that iPad you just got for graduation) in case they are stolen.
  • Don't neglect your car: Be aware of basic services your car may need (oil changes, tire rotations, etc.), because this will prevent costly repairs as a result of neglecting to maintain the vehicle.
  • Have a roadside emergency provider: Always be prepared in the event of a breakdown. Anyone in the car that has a AAA card is eligible for help - regardless of it that student owns a vehicle or not.

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