Next Saturday will mark the 60th anniversary of this music icon's first record.  I'll bet you've already guessed his name.

Getty Images-Hulton Archive / Keystone


If your answer is Elvis Presley, congratulations, you are correct.

On July 19, 1954 a small Memphis record company, Sun Records, released Presley's first record "That's All Right".

If you think the record sold millions of copies, think again.  Initially, the disc sold only 20,000  copies.

The "King" didn't instantly become a big splash on to the scene like The Beatles did on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Keep in mind, The Fab Four first appeared in 1964 when almost everyone had a TV.

That wasn't the case in 1954 when the majority of Americans did not own a television.  Just for the record, no pun intended, Elvis didn't make his television debut until 1956,  two years after his first single was released.

As a youngster, Elvis was highly influenced by African-American artists, gospel, and country music.  He was one the first performers to incorporate that great music into rock and roll.  Oh, that voice.  I've listened to it a thousand times.  Every time I hear "It's Now or Never" I still get goosebumps.

That set of "pipes",  leading man looks, and Presley's charisma didn't hurt in making him the legend that he became.

I won't go on and on boring you with details.

I do have to mention that according to "Billboard Magazine" Elvis Presley has sold more records than any solo artist in the history of music.  Michael Jackson included.  I'll toss you one figure.  Elvis has sold more than a billion records.

In my humble opinion Elvis Presley legitimized rock and roll paving the way for the British invasion, Motown, you name it.

That's why he's known as "The King".

Here's the song that started it all.