Dennis and Judi were discussing the latest Mitsubishi commercial with their producer Alex the other day and how the great the song in the commercial is "What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell.

Judi and Alex were discussing the song and how much they loved it. As they were discussing Bobby Caldwell, they both decided to Google him and were extremely surprised when the results came up. Neither one of them had any clue whatsoever that Bobby Caldwell was a white singer.

The discussion continued on air as to what other musical artists, after first seeing them, were people shocked to know that they were in fact white.

In no specific order, here are some of the artists, Dennis and Judi and their listeners came up with.


Teena Marie

The O'Kaysions

Rick Astley

Michael McDonald

Procol Harum

Boz Scaggs

Spiral Staircase

Matthew Wilder

J.D. McPherson




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