Above: Senator Paul Sarlo, in favor of the gas tax hike, gets into a screaming match with Senator Jennifer Beck, who has a plan to fund transportation without one.

Before the gas tax is voted on Monday at noon at the Statehouse in Trenton, your voice needs to be heard!

Enough is enough! You need to take the time today and call your legislator to help defeat the gas tax — estimated at 23 cents per gallon on top of the 14.5 cents (not to mention tolls) we already pay. Tell your New Jersey legislators you don't want this tax.

Don't listen to all the rhetoric about how we need this tax. Just say no. Maybe our legislators can find the money and reallocate it from some of the nearly $35 billion in the upcoming fiscal budget for 2017. I'm sure there's some money in there that could be better spent on roads than on another coat of point for the gold dome in Trenton.

Here are some of the most crucial districts that I mentioned on air. If you live there, or even if you don't, you need to call and tell your Assembly member that you are opposed to the gas tax and you do not want it.

Contact: 856-435-1247 

Contact: 732-970-6386 (Clifton) or 609-758- 0205 (Dancer)

Contact: 908-450-7064 (Ciatarelli) or 609-454-3147 (Zwicker)

Contact: 732-247-3999 (Danielsen) or 732-249-4550 (Egan)

Contact: 908-561-5757 (Green) or 732-943-2660 (Kennedy)

If you don't know your legislator, you can find them on the NJ Legislature website and find them listen by town or alternatively, you can call the Office of Legislative Services at 609-847-3905.

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