The heated debates continue this week on the Bill Spadea show. From my rant on the Garden State’s failed mental health policies, to Matt Rooney’s heated Twitter debate, and we even spoke about leap day proposals. Today was an explosive show.

Caller Margaret: “On the streets or in jail will be where my sister will be.”

After listening to yesterdays “Ask the Governor,” I was struck by a caller named Margaret from Seaside Heights, who was going to great lengths to get her sister help. Margaret went as far as to call Governor Christie to ask for help to get her sister the proper mental health assistance. Margaret’s sister who suffers from mental illness is not sick enough to need full-time hospital care but aren't well enough to live in a group setting either.

“On the streets, dead or in jail will be where my sister will be, because she is being put in an environment where she can’t function,” stated Margaret. Thousands of people are suffering from mental health issues because of inadequate health care coverage and attention.

An anonymous caller dealing with bipolar disorder experienced firsthand neglect from legislation, after a hospital sent him away after attempting to commit suicide.

Our legislators are completely distracted by issues that are out of whack, losing focus on our real issues --- like mental health care. Here is what our legislators are focusing on: Senator Ray Lesniak is worried about enforcing a bill regarding puppy mills. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is focused on raising wages for Jersey City workers. New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney is blocking everything the governor is proposing. Where is the focus on the real people in need?

Listen to my full rant surrounding mental health patients that fall in between below.

Matt Rooney’s Heated Social Media Debate with Todd Christie   

In a heated social media debate, New Jersey political commentator, Matt Rooney sparked criticism from Todd Christie this past weekend. On Rooney’s Save Jersey blog, he called the relationship between Gov. Christie and Donald Trump “weird.” Rooney showed a video of Donald Trump telling Governor Christie to go back on the plane and go home, saying “the guy (Trump) doesn’t share power.”

Todd Christie fired back on Facebook saying “Matt Rooney and you are for who? How about Cruz today intimating that Trump does business with the Mafia? Typical a-hole from the south that assumes everyone from the Northeast is in the mob. Again, you are blinded.”

Rooney explains how the argument between he and Todd Christie is a small example of a much larger problem for the Republican party. Too much time spent fighting with each other rather than attacking the Democrats.

 Listen to more of my conversation with Matt Rooney surrounding his twitter debate below.

Liz Mandel: Leap Day proposals are becoming prominent because relationships are becoming "egalitarian."

Leap day is more than just a day that is celebrated once every four years. The reason February receives an extra day, once every four years, is so the sun can align with the earth. An extraordinary opportunity for female’s who are brave enough to propose to their male counterparts.

Relationship therapist, Liz Mandel, called in to weigh in on Leap Day proposals. Mandel says she thinks relationships are becoming egalitarian. Men and women are having equal entitlement. In addition, she says females are becoming more dominant in relationships and that men are getting the short end of the stick due to the fact society has many views of how men should act in relationships.

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