What a way to start the week! The morning kicked off with a heated debate on Trump and whether fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz, abandoned his fellow party member by saying Trump ignited violence at this rallies. Cruz surrogate, Alan Steinberg, called in to share his take on a comment I made earlier in my show. We also had discussions on the Bridgegate scandal that is back in the news, as well as my effort to ban Standard time.

Trump surging, Cruz campaign surrogate takes issue with comment

The Presidential primary season shows outsiders such as Trump or Sanders taking control in the momentum of the race. As the presidential primaries continue it looks like Trump will win Florida. Florida is one of the more influential states, alongside Illinois and Ohio. The Garden State could potentially impact the primary, eyeing a three-person race by the time it reaches New Jersey.

Misguided focus continuously divides the Republican Party. As media outlets (CNN) and Republican candidates blatantly blame Trump's attitude and ideology for the Kansas City, Missouri debacle. One of the Republican candidates, Ted Cruz, has blamed Trump for inciting violence.

Alan Steinberg, surrogate for the Ted Cruz campaign and who formerly served in the Bush administration, called me out, as he felt I was judging Cruz unfairly. Steinberg stated “Donald Trump represents an extreme and encourages violence with his tone. Trump has appealed to misogyny and racism. He is not electable.”

Listen to more of my interview with Steinberg below.

Bridgegate Scandal: It’s Back

Almost three years since the Bridgegate Scandal transpired, questions are still looming over whether or not prosecution for Governor Christie’s administration should prevail. Many New Jersey residents feel like jail time is an inaccurate penalty. We decided to take an informal poll and see what our listeners thought and if they believe . What is your opinion? Cast your vote below.

It’s time to ban Standard Time

Daylight Savings is an antiquated system of moving the clocks forward, which drives me nuts. Now we are into the Daylight Savings portion of the year, why should we fall back in November? An hour moved forward in the clocks made more sense in the 1700’s when whale oil was prevalent, now it’s only costing us!

How many of you complain that it is getting darker at 5 pm before winter really sets in? Are you dragging this Monday morning because of the loss of an hour? Should we end the clock changes now? Cast your vote below.

Standard time is the enemy!

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