Today was a very emotional show. It is one of those very rare occasions where real life and radio connect. The pinnacle of today's morning show was connecting with mothers of children who face the very harsh reality, New Jersey experiences with heroine addiction. We were able to connect some of the mothers to help they desperately need.

Did Mary Pat Christie really roll her eyes during Trump's speech? 

The reaction on Governor Christie's wife, Mary Pat Christie's face caused an uproar on social media. But why? According to a recent post, NJ first lady is said to be rolling her eyes when Donald Trump begins discussing leading democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In the statement, Trump  says "the only thing that she has going for her is a woman card!" The expression shows her looking from the right to the left. Is it enough to warrant an eye roll? I did not see the eye roll at all. Eric Scott agreed saying "when she is doing a joint appearance with Governor Christie, an innocuous issue, she looks uncomfortable standing at a podium."Check the video out below. Do you see the eye roll in the video below?

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora is proposing a law criminalizing teacher and legal age student sexual relationships

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora sparks questions with a new law being proposed. This law would prohibit or criminalize sexual relations between legal age students and teachers. This law is ridiculous! These students are old enough to enlist in the military and drive on your roads, but not old enough to make decisions? 

Are teacher's having sex with students become such a huge problem that they want to raise the age to 20? I defended the teacher that was facing 5-years in prison for having sexual intercourse with an 18-year old. Now the potential is there for 10 years in prison for any teacher that has intercourse with a student of legal age.

Do you think sex between NJ teachers and legal age students should a crime? Listen to our full conversation below.

The Center for Great Expectations join us 
The Center for Great Expectations President/CEO, Peg Wright  and Clinical Director, Dr. Debra Ruisard, joined us to discuss the heroine epidemic Jersey faces, specifically with woman, expecting mothers, homeless and their children. During our show we impacted two mother's that faced children that experienced addiction. A touchy and difficult subject that needed to be discussed on today's show. Learn how you or someone you love can overcome drug addiction or assist in stopping the heroine epidemic with The Center for Great Expectations at or call 732-247-7003 ext.27.

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