This is the last weekend before the unofficial start to summer 2016 at the Jersey Shore and there are a few things we have to say goodbye to until the cool days of autumn return.

We all know the world of the Jersey Shore changes dramatically when Memorial Day weekend arrives. Here are some things we should realize are leaving our lives for a few months.

Parking spaces. Get used to seeing random cars you've never seen before in the very parking spot your car used to call home.

Immediate seating. We love our favorite restaurants for a reason ... they're great, and the tourists know that too. So get ready for a little wait, but it's well worth it.

Quick drives to anywhere. No matter where you go, no matter what time you go there, there will always be more cars on the road than we're used to. Summary: We're gonna be late.

Don't get me wrong. We will deal with these inconveniences the same way true Jersey Shore residents handle any other issues. A few hand gestures, maybe a couple of mumbled curses, but ultimately with the sense of humor that we're famous for. Happy summer!