We've been asked to practice social distance as we deal with the coronavirus pandemic and while we're used to hugging in New Jersey, or at least handshaking, there are still ways to have fun doing it. First off, as any Honeymooners fan would know there's the "traditional raccoon salute." Then since we lead the nation in cursing, we can still flip the bird when necessary. But there are still other ways to have fun in New Jersey while practicing social distancing. Try some of these out.

Cindi White: "Meditate, go for a drive in the Pinelands and explore NJ by car; blaring Bruce and Bon Jovi. Thats on next weeks schedule."

James M. Di Gioia: "I am riding my bike for 35 or so minutes a day 2 1/2- 3 mile during that time a lot of steep hills here in Vernon! Trying to keep healthy and walking our dog so keeping away from others as much as possible I had to go to the store and move quick and keep distance as best I can! Prayers on Saint Joseph Day."

Marty Lou Pina: "Talk to one another...listen more...be grateful for the 'little' things that we have in our lives that we take for granted every single day...LOVE MORE...and be patient, we're all in together! Xo and y'all know what to do."

Bob DiSogra: "Drop off food to your local food bank!"

Bob Levy: "Line dancing."

Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey: "Go for a motorcycle ride!"

Robert Doebler: "Stay home love your family connect enjoy time at home if you are alone go adopt a shelter dog they need a lot of attention. We have a lot of time on our hands start planning a garden."

Frank Ralston: "Use a megaphone.(but not if your Italian) people can hear us 20ft away. Sign language like we do when we are driving. Wave to everyone like you know them. Carry a dummy around and let him speak. The only thing he will get is termite disease."

John Kensil: "Puppetry."

Geryl Raucher Hickey: "Explore the trails in our town!"

Carolyn Dee: "Help a neighbor, reach out to family, stay calm, rest, practice good hygiene."

Dave Bell: "Argue and fight on Facebook."

Steven Keller: "Not sure but wait until 9 months hits. We'll see how social distancing really works!"

Jill Zutty: "Movies On Demand, Netflix!!"

Tim Aanensen: "Listen to the radio."

Tim Hayes: "Listen to 101.5!!"

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