Last week we came up with 15 funny reasons why it's hard to get Covid-19 in New Jersey. Now comes the sequel, 15 funny ways to kill the virus "Jersey Style."

John J. Ruppert: "Take it for a ride at night to the Pine Barrens."

Mark Eckel: "Tax it to death."

Andy Rehorn: "Cut it up at Satraole's pork store."

Michael Beifeld: "Call it Taylor Ham."

Abbe Nelson: "Have it bitten by a horsefly."

Rob Epple: "Cut it off on the parkway."

Brian Abramowicz: "The Jersey Devil."

Cindy Zwicker: "Toms River tap water! If we survived drinking that we can" survive the virus

Joe Cowden: "Make it binge watch 'Jersey Shore'."

Carlo Bellario: "Send Vito and Frankie to have a talk with him."

Timothy O'Neill: "Drive it around through all the damn circles lol."

John Skinski: "Bring the virus to Exit 13 on the turnpike. If that smell doesn’t kill it nothing will."

Tim Grill: "Have it walk around Camden at 2:00 am."

Carren Boyce: "Lairds Applejack & 7up....or so hubby sez!!!!"

Jerry Rubino: "Bury it in the end zone at MetLife."

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