As the positive numbers increase along with the closings, suspensions and fear due to COVID-19, it's time to face this virus with the Jersey sarcasm it deserves.

So while you're washing your hands and looking for toilet paper (still not sure why that's a thing) here are 15 reasons why, according to you, it will be harder for the virus to spread to New Jersey.

Tommy Howell: "Because we have immunity from drinking the tap water and dealing with everybody else's BS."

Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey: "Because Murphy has found a way to tax the virus !!! He’s taxed everything else!!!"

Tim Devine: "Because F-YOU, that’s why."

John Pizzi: "It doesn’t know how to navigate a Jug-Handle."

Steven Keller: "I couldn't even get a Corona in Asbury Park last week."

Mark Lemma: "I swam I the Delaware river in the seventies and Eighties my immune system is very strong."

Abbe Nelson: "Because we ran after the mosquito truck when we were kids."

Russell Bien: "It’s spread by touching gas pump handles."

Jerry Rubino: "The tolls are too high."

Mike Carr: "The Jersey Devil scared the virus away!"

Cindy Zwicker: "Immunity! Newark fumes and our tap water make us impervious to any super big ! It’s a Jersey thing!"

Tricia Walsh: "Because I've eaten soft pretzels sold by a guy on an off-ramp."

Gary Rosen: "It got shot in Camden."

Gregory Coben: "Because the greedy New Yorkers won't leave any for anybody else."

John Skinski: "Because it was in the same isle as the toilet paper."

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