It’s not that I don’t enjoy Reddit. It’s not that I don’t enjoy millennials. It’s just that so many of them consider themselves political pundits with their only life experience being 4 years of college, and their only financial experience being student loans.

It’s clear that most of these election watchers and participants don’t really understand how government works. But, they sure have the power to pull that little lever! Here are some of the erudite comments about yesterday's election on the New Jersey subreddit that may make you worry about our future.

It seems that 80% to 90% of the commenters on the NJ subreddit are Democrats (no surprise), but they don’t even know what Jack believes in (kinda surprising).

I get it. You want to vote away all of your loan obligations and let the government take care of you the same way mom and dad did when you lived in their home. And you care about your friends and your animals so much that you want all kinds of laws to help them.

And you want to get out of your stinking house with your four or five roommates who can all smoke weed (legally because of your candidate!) because there’s a future out there for you somewhere but you just can’t figure out how to make it happen.

But some facts—along with the emotional hemophilia—would help. Here are just some of the astute political comments the anti-Ciattarelli Reddit braintrust posted.

And by the way, I’m not sure they’re all young. I’m just praying they are.

All redacted obscenities were spelled out in the original postings. ‘Cause nothing says political savvy like a good expletive.

What the New Jersey subreddit has to say about the 2021 gubernatorial election

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