CareerCast has listed the five least stressful jobs for 2013.  Their criteria for stress includes deadlines, physical demands, work environment, risk, and responsibility for other people's lives.

Getty Images/Keystone

Here are the five least  stressful occupations according to CareerCast counting down from number five to number one.

5.  Medical Lab Technician

The average salary for this position pays about $46,000 a year.  Lab techs are trained to perform blood and urine tests.

4.  Jeweler

Jewelers, on the average, earn about $35,000.  They are usually self-employed.  A jeweler certainly needs experience for their craft.  In their workplace they are usually given flexibility and leeway.

3.  Medical Records Technician

The annual salary for this job pays about $32,000.  Med techs are trained to deal with medical records and to update files.

2.  Seamstress or Tailor

The average salary for this profession pays just under $30,000.  A seamstress or tailor normally works in a quiet environment and can be creative.

1.  University Professor

A college prof can pull in an annual salary anywhere from $62,000 up to $200,000 a year.  University professors have good pay, plus they can teach as many classes as they want and their schedules are usually flexible.

So, there you have it.  Do you have a job with very little stress that isn't listed? How does your job compare?  If you have an opinion or comment, please let discuss below.