A new survey finds almost three-fourths of workers report being stressed out on the job.

Seventy three percent of workers in Jersey and across the country say in a new Everest College 2012 Work Stress Survey that they're stressed out by at least one thing at work.

Eleven percent of those responding say they're most stressed out by their lack of pay, while ten percent say its annoying co-workers that stress them out the most.

"I guess probably income," said one woman on Route One in Mercer County, "Just trying to see what's going to make the business successful."

Another shopper said, "I guess not being able to communicate with my co-workers in a timely manner - and trying to get done in time - that's about it."

"Deadlines, time crunch, working with other people from other companies," said another shopper, "Probably the volume of work sometimes- if there's a lot going on and there's short time frames - it's probably the biggest stresser for me."

One woman said, "Right now, I'm doing my own thing, so I don't have to deal with annoying co-workers, which is very nice.  So it's primarily, probably money- financial right now - just being responsible for my own income, not doing the standard 9 to 5 job.  I have to hustle- I have to market myself."

Someone standing nearby chimed in, "I drive an hour each way to get to my job so that's kind of stressful - it  takes 2 hours out of my day…The cost of the driving is tremendously expensive- the gas has gone up recently."

Another shopper said she had the answer for dealing with workplace stress.

"I just quit my job," she said, " I was there for 2 months.  It was stressful because of the co-workers, and I decided I'm 47 years old I don't need stress.  Why am I doing this to myself?  So I got another job and I feel much better!"