A new Harris Survey finds a lack of pay raises has replaced job security as the number one source of workplace stress.

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Better than one in ten in the survey say no pay hikes are their biggest problem at a job. And while the economy may be slowly on the mend, many businesses find their profits have not regained a level where they can start to become generous again with salary increases.

Rutgers Economist James Hughes says that is understandable, particularly in a State like New Jersey, where high living costs and inflation are eroding their earnings. He says in order to cope with those high costs, you really need growing income, and most workers feel they are in a treadmill, constantly trying to catch up.

Another big source of job stress, a long commute, is also a bigger Jersey problem.  We have the second-longest average ride to work in the nation. Gas prices, tolls and transit fares keep rising.

Work overload is also squeezing employees, those responding to the survey said, with many employees working full-throttle, as companies demand more. Some 9% said their workload was unreasonable.