Its the start of a new year, but if you are already feeling overwhelmed, tired, and unable to meet demands, you are probably too stressed.

The economy, although starting to improve, is still affecting many employers. Many have cut back on hiring, instead adding on more tasks and projects to already overburdened employees.

How do you handle the constant stress without burning out?

Morristown psychologist Dr. Steven Tobias says often times our stress has to do with loss of control and we need to work to maintain that. "The boss gives us extra work or a deadline for a project and right away we get overwhelmed...but its not like you're going to walk out and leave, so you just learn to deal with it."

Tobias says talk to your co-workers about making the office a positive work environment, reward yourself when you finish a task and learn how to politely and assertively say no when you have too much on your plate.

"Speak with your boss if the work is piling up and things are getting over your head" said Tobias.

At home, Tobias says aim for more time to spend on activities you enjoy.

"It can be easy after a long day at the office to just come home and sit on the couch, or overeat. Go out with friends, spend time outdoors, take the dog for a walk."

The most important thing you can do to destress is to look after yourself. "Make sure you eat well, exercise and get enough sleep."