We had Eric LeGrand on the show Wednesday. He's the former Rutgers defensive tackle who was paralyzed on the playing field. After that life changing injury Eric could have withdrawn or done the much tougher thing and fight and become an inspiration to everyone. He chose the tougher thing. He was on-air to promote two charity events which you can learn more about here. At the end of the interview I mentioned how there's been an HBO documentary on him but never an actual movie. When asked who he'd want to play him in a movie he didn't even hesitate. He said only Eric LeGrand could play Eric LeGrand!

We ended up talking about sports movies for the rest of that hour and people called in their favorites. Many were inspirational movies which is what I had in mind. But sure enough people called in ones that were just pure comedy entertainment. Of everything that was called in I narrowed it down to a top 10.

10. Happy Gilmore

A rejected hockey player tries his hand at golf. Not exactly the inspirational movie I had in mind but hey, this is a democracy!

9. The Fan

This is the kind of sports movie I wasn't even thinking about. Starring Robert DeNiro as a baseball obsessed stalker, this one was called in as a favorite.

8. North Dallas Forty

Very loosely based on the Dallas Cowboys team of the early 70's this is still a fan fav.

7. Bang The Drum Slowly

From 1973 this was like the baseball version of Brian's Song.

6. The Natural

If this were only a list of best baseball movies, this would be higher.

5. Invincible

For the love of South Jersey you have to include this one. Based on the story of a South Philly bartender who got to play for the Eagles in '76.

4. Remember The Titans

True story of a newly appointed black coach and his high school team's first racially integrated season.

3. Hoosiers

The basketball classic starring Gene Hackman.

2. Rocky

For me it doesn't get much more inspirational than the original, academy award winning Rocky.

1. Brian's Song

The real-life relationship between Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers and the bond between the teammates when Brian discovers he's dying is probably the best sports film of all-time.

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