The south Jersey teacher accused of verbally abusing an autistic student has been placed on paid leave, as an investigation into what happened continues. Governor Chris Christie points to the case as a reason why teacher tenure reform is needed.


  • Governor Chris Chrsitie says he's not a fan of "user fees," and he says the trend won't continue for long.
  • Republicans are working to end sick leave payouts for state workers.
  • Obesity is costing the nation millions.  How does it affect you?
  • There are three tax cut plans on the table in Trenton.  Which one do you prefer?
  • New Jersey makes the peaceful index.  See which towns made it. 
  • Will you be able to retire?  New study says more people struggling to prepare.
  • Cherry Hill dad has yet to release additional audio on autistic bullying
  • Another terror plot is unveiled. 

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Monday’s poll asked if you think New Jersey prom costs are too expensive?  Over 95% of you said yes, with only 2% saying no.