The south Jersey teacher accused of verbally abusing an autistic student has been placed on paid leave, as an investigation into what happened continues.  Governor Chris Christie points to the case as a reason why teacher tenure reform is needed.

Speaking last night on the Ask The Governor show, Christie said while he won't give his opinion on this particular case, he finds it really disturbing - and in general, it points up the fact that "we have to do a better job at demanding excellence in the front of every classroom and about holding people who teach our children accountable." 

He said "this is why I'm having these fights - this is why we have to have significant tenure reform- it's why I'm fighting for this - no place else - no other place in America would this be tolerated...we have a system in New Jersey now where it is impossible to terminate an under-performing or misbehaving teacher - we can't stand for it anymore- and the teachers union continues to fight with me about this stuff because they want to empower themselves."

Christie added "I'm being told by democrats in the legislature that they're ready to do real tenure reform - I'm still anxiously waiting to see their product- we put our product out there a long time ago."

When asked if he thought this case might be the tipping point for real tenure reform in Jersey, Christie said "I hope so."