The Sopranos

Sopranos Cast Bickering Over James Gandolfini
I come from an Italian family where my father’s parents gave birth to 15 children. Those children also had children and you can only imagine how many cousins I have. You actually will need to imagine because I simply can’t keep track.
James Gandolfini, ‘The Sopranos’ Made NJ Hip [AUDIO]
New Jersey's most popular mob boss, although fictional, is being remembered with tributes across North Jersey where hit series 'The Sopranos' was filmed. The series did wonders for the Garden State and may be responsible for the success New Jersey is having with movies and television …
Top Ten Tony Soprano Moments [VIDEOS/NSFW]
Following the sudden death of actor James Gandolfini, family, friends and fans have all started leaving their condolences and memories of the famed New Jersey actor.  While Gandolfini played many amazing roles on the big screen, he will always be known as the NJ's top mob boss, Tony Sopran…