Exclusive: DOT Chief on the Salt Shortage
Jim Simpson, commissioner of New Jersey's Department of Transportation said today's snow and ice storm presents "worse" problems for the state than the post-Christmas storm of 2010, in part because this unusually severe winter is forcing some tough choices in deployment o…
Share Your Weather Updates With Us
Eric Scott is filling in for Jim Gearhart this morning and, once again, a winter storm is the topic of the day. Check in for all the latest weather developments and let us know what's happening where you are.
Watch A Guy Get Nailed By Snow From Plow
It's bad enough that you have to go to work in Brooklyn at 5 o'clock in the morning on a day it was snowing this week. It's worse when you have to walk all the way there. But how about being this guy who also gets tackled by a tsunami of snow from a fast moving plow...

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