Watch A Guy Get Nailed By Snow From Plow
It's bad enough that you have to go to work in Brooklyn at 5 o'clock in the morning on a day it was snowing this week. It's worse when you have to walk all the way there. But how about being this guy who also gets tackled by a tsunami of snow from a fast moving plow...
How Long Was Your Commute in the Snow? [POLL]
It seems everyone here at NJ101.5 had an extra-long commute yesterday because of the snow. Dennis mentioned how it took him almost 5 hours to get home and Dena Blizzard (filling in for Judi) took almost 3 hours. It seemed as if the majority of drivers were looking at a minimum of 2.5 hours to get an…
Snowy Winter, But Could Be Worse [AUDIO]
It's only the end of January, and Tuesday's snowfall made some New Jersey areas already reach their average seasonal totals. It wouldn't be wise to complain about the snow, though, because the state has had it much worse.

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