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Last Week (02-20-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Gas Prices are on the rise...again.
2. The debate over increasing minimum wage in  New Jersey.
3. Red light cameras: Are they  about safety or revenue?
4. In light of the tragic Chesterfield School bus accident; Should it be mandatory for children to wear seat belts on school buses...
Behind-The-Scenes at the NJ101.5 Morning Show (PHOTOS)
My alarm goes off at 3:15am...and I'm stumbling around in the dark, Thursday and Friday morning.  Justin (Jim's producer) is off, and I'm stepping in. I'm not a morning person...never have been. Jim Gearhart, and company, has been doing this for more than 20 years! Come…
Last Week (02-13-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. School bus crash devastates Chesterfield, Burlington County, leaving one child dead and three in critical conditon.
2. Will dashboard technology be a thing of the past?
3. Gas Prices are on the rise; heading toward four dollars...
Last Week (01-23-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Jon Stewart shows the reality of media bias.
2. A new way to stop crime before it happens.
3. Parents may be the biggest problem in education.
4. John Ray Wilson, MS patient charged with growing marijuna,  reports to prison...
Last Week on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  Are red light cameras a way to increase public safety or municipal revenue?
2. With increasing sales being made  online, New Jersey loses millions in sales tax revenue.
 3. In the wake of the Murder of 2-year old Tierra Morgan, New Jersey State Senator Bob Singer seeks to bring back…

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