If you remember, last night we talked about Chief Eric Mason of Cranford who was recorded in a phone conversation with his son saying he was having a good day because “he didn’t have to kill any white people”…and how it would have been received if the shoe were on the other foot.

Well, in this case, I want to know if a chant of “USA” following a boy’s high school basketball game could be considered racist.
The school who’s team lost has a majority of Hispanic students, while the team from the winning school was predominately white. Would you consider the chant to be racist? The school district in question and the students were made to apologize. (What if the other team had won and their fans had chanted “Viva la raza!) Hmmmm!

Along those lines, do you feel ignoring racist graffiti would make incidents like these go away…or do they need to be prosecuted as bias intimidation? Up in Ringwood, cops are seeking person who burned swastika into middle school blacktop!

A construction worker from Elizabeth was in a pool of guys who bought lottery tickets together, but he bought a lottery ticket on his own and won with it. Now the guys want a piece of his. Do they deserve any of it?

Do you feel that the “grow your own Pot-Guy” John Ray Wilson…the guy with MS from Somerset…should be granted clemency….since he, at least in my opinion, falls under the heading of non violent drug offender?

And the Governor says that while he won’t grant him clemency, he doesn’t want the implementation of the medical marijuana law to become a shield for recreational users and a de facto legalization of marijuana.

Sen. Dick Codey spends a night undercover in a Newark homeless shelter…do you get the feeling he’s running for something…like say, Governor, in 2013, and would you vote for him? (Instead, if he really were sincere about the plight of the homeless, he might spend a night outside at the homeless encampment in Lakewood!)

Do you have a favorite TV news anchor. Or is TV news on its way out? How do you get your news now anyway? Channel 4 is bouncing anchorwoman Sue Simmons after 32 years.

Have you ever hit anything or almost hit anything on the most dangerous N.J. roads for pedestrians? 3 of the 6 worst in the NY metropolitan area are here.

Middle school teacher moonlighted as a porn star. Should she be fired from her job?

Changes Coming To NJ’s Anti-Bullying Law. Changes such as a different source of funding to implement the guidelines set forth in the law. The guidelines are pretty in depth, and will add to the amount of paperwork that schools and districts have to do. But now that the monetary aspects of this have been worked out somewhat, do you still feel we need this?

Have you ever caught a burglar breaking into your home…and how did they get in? A Bridgeton burglar pulled an “Abbey Road” and came in through the bathroom window! (But not protected by a silver spoon!)

And finally, the plight of the 600 lb man who desperately wants to loose weight. Have you ever had to loose and extraordinary amount of weight, and how did you do it. Or you can consider Judi’s advice to the Governor?