Governor Chris Christie called in this morning to New Jersey 101.5 to talk taxes during Jim Gearhart's morning show and the conversation eventually meandered to John Ray Wilson.

John Ray Wilson of Somerset is a multiple sclerosis patient who was sentenced to up to 5 years in jail for growing marijuana, which he claimed was treatment for his MS.

The case riled up medical marijuana advocates who petitioned the governor for Wilson's clemency.

Governor Christie has stood firm in his denial of clemency, saying that he believes Wilson belongs in jail.

Radio personality John Gearhart introduced the topic again this morning, saying it had been on his mind.  Christie was quick to respond.

"He may be using marijuana today to treat his MS," Christie said, "But he has used marijuana before as a recreational user, in violation of both the federal law and local law." Christie continues that Wilson had been in possession of hallucinogenics that had nothing to do with Multiple Sclerosis.

Gearhart notes to Christie that John Ray Wilson is a non-violent offender, then points out that Christie has publicized a plan that would get NJ non-violent offenders treatment for drug addictions instead of jail time. Gearhart asked the governor what the difference is between John Ray Wilson and any other non-violent offender.

Christie said the amount of pot that Wilson was growing was in excess.

"No matter how ill he is, he couldn't have smoked all that himself," Christie said. "He could have been high 24 hours a day and he still wouldn't have used seventeen pounds of marijuana."

Christie outlines other concerns regarding the push for medical marijuana.

"I don't want to have this become a shield for recreational users and the de facto legalization of marijuana," Christie says. "That's not what the legislature voted for, I don't think that's what the people of New Jersey want-- although I know there are some people who think we should legalize marijuana -- I don't think that's the majority view."