A rash of bus crashes throughout New Jersey has people talking about school bus safety.

Recently, State Sen. Donald Norcross has drafted legislation to require every school bus in the state to be fitted with a flashing strobe light to make the vehicles more visible.

The question that follows is; Is this necessary?

Anybody who can not see a great big yellow bus, is hopeless.

After much criticism following his proposed legislation, Sen. Norcross called into the Jim Gearhart show this morning to defend his position.

"You guys beat me up pretty good over the last week and I thought I'd have a chance just to speak to you for a moment," Norcross said, alluding to the criticism his strobe light bill faced on the radio shows last week.


Norcross says that the recent bus crashes has brought the issue of bus safety to the public's attention. "This isn't an overreaction," Norcross says.

Norcross argues that for less than $500 a bus, the strobe-lights can increase safety and increases visibility.

"And other states are doing it," Norcross says, "We shouldn't be the last state to do it."