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Last Week on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Father of murdered New Jersey 2-year old, Tierra Morgan, is captured in San Diego.
2. Changes to the provisional DL will require teens to complete additional, documented, behind the wheel training and parents will have to complete an online orientation...
Jim Reflects on His Hunting Days
The New Jersey black bear hunt is in full swing. Mighty Hunters arrayed in their para-military-camouflaged costumes and armed with an array of weaponry, stand stalwart against the Black Bear Peril , saving us all from predations of the ovine menace...
Last Week on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Upper Freehold residents say 'Not in my neighborhood,' in response to a proposed marijuana farm.
2. A proposed bill will allow pharmacies to sell needles, making them accessible to IV drug users.
3. Would a restricted driver's license for non-driving offenses be a good idea...
Last Week on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Jerry Sandusky proclaims his innocence, as the number of new child-sex allegations rise.
2.  A new bill will allow robo-calls to cell phones.
3. Newark encounters 48 hours of violence.
4. Two Elizabeth School District employees come forward and are questioned by the FBI regarding school lunch p…
Maximizing Dollars in the Port Authority
A newspaper story this week was headlined, "New Port authority Chief's focus is...Maximizing Dollars."  Certainly maximizing dollars is their strong suit. They've excelled at it for years. Dozens of employees who take in more income in overtime than their base salari…
Like Chicken Soup, It Just Can’t Hurt
Finally, one New Jersey town has given zoning board approval for a State licensed Medicinal Marijuana dispensary to open. Montclair becomes the first. But before sufferers from the nine officially designated diseases qualifying the afflicted for marijuans to ease their pain, the State is still tryin…
Elizabeth School Board Investigation
The Star Ledger once declared that the Elizabeth Board of Education was the cause of those foul smells for which New Jersey is world famous. The president of the Board was arrested and charged with scaming the free lunch program.

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