In back-to-back interviews on New Jersey 101.5 this morning, Governor Chris Christie and Senate President Sweeney insisted they are both committed to tax relief. The two men, however, continue to differ on how best to deliver that relief.

Chrisite wants an across the board income tax cut. Sweeney wants a property tax credit refunded on your income tax, but for only for those making less than $250,000 per year.

Extended audio of Governor Christie:

Both men were confident they could reach an agreement on tax relief.

That could leave the State Assembly on the outside, looking in.

Assembly majority Leader Lou Greenwald proposed a 20% property tax rebate, but funds it with an income tax hike on Millionaires. Christie reiterated this morning he would veto any tax hike.

Even Sweeney seemed disinclined to go along with the tax hike.

"We have our own plan, and I will be focusing on that," Sweeney told Jim Gearhart when asked if he would allow a vote on the assembly plan.

Extended audio of Senate President Sweeney: