favorite recipes

Try Craig Allen’s “Pull Apart Bread”
Full disclosure: This is my sister Cari's recipe...but, I am thinking that: Try Craig Allen's Sister's Pull Apart Bread... isn't as catchy a title. Right?
This Pull Apart bread is a family Mother's Day Brunch tradition.
It's (relatively) easy to make...
Craig Allen’s Big Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie
If you love chocolate chip cookies....and you don't have a peanut allergy...this "cookie" is for YOU!
Every time that I bake this big cookie...that you cut like a slice of pie...its gone in no time!
Here's what you will need for this GUARANTEED crowd-pleaser...
Craig Allen’s Taco Meatballs
I'll just say that this dish is becoming a fast family favorite! (gotta love the alliteration).
I love spicy food...I love meatballs (as in spaghetti and)..so, this is a taste marriage made in heaven, as far as I am concerned!
Now, I'll share with YOU...
What Do You Cook on Bad Weather Days?
When we hear of bad weather, the first thing we do is make a run to the store for bread, milk and eggs. But some are more creative in the kitchen and go for more than the basics. Some use the bad weather days to whip up their favorite meals.