When we hear of bad weather, the first thing we do is make a run to the store for bread, milk and eggs. But some are more creative in the kitchen and go for more than the basics. Some use the bad weather days to whip up their favorite meals.

Eric Scott/NJ1015

Eric Scott was talking about the pre-Valentine's Day meal he created during the storm yesterday. Waygu beef, a mushroom risotto and asparagus. Waygu beef is harder to come by but if you're looking for an amazing cut of beef, you should try it.

Eric put it out to the listeners as well, what do they love to make during storms or what are their favorite dishes. Here's a list of some of the recipes that our callers came up with:

Sam from Bloomfield - Shrimp and wild rice

Susan in Middletown - Loves baking chocolate chip cookies

Pat in Sea Girt - Makes beef stew

Sam on the Parkway - Makes an old recipe of Nonna's chicken sauce.

Angela in Manalapan - Makes homemade pasta

Joanne in Holmdel - Turkey mild rice, gravy and sweet potatoes

Sylvia in Hillside - Makes homemade chicken noodle soup


What are your favorite 'storm' recipes? Leave your recipes below.