I'll just say that this dish is becoming a fast family favorite! (gotta love the alliteration).

I love spicy food...I love meatballs (as in spaghetti and)..so, this is a taste marriage made in heaven, as far as I am concerned!

Now, I'll share with YOU!

This everything that you will need! "Brands" are up to you...(Craig Allen photo).


2 C tortilla chips (crushed)

2 lb ground turkey

salt (to taste)

1 packet of taco seasoning

2 eggs

That's it! Let's get to the making part!


Take out your aggression! You KNOW that you need to...that you want to!

A mountain of mangled tortilla chips! (Craig Allen photo).

CRUSH tortilla chips until you have 2 cups worth (almost the whole bag in my case).

Mix it all together! (Craig Allen photo).

Mix the meat, eggs, crushed chips, taco seasoning and salt (if you feel it needs more)...

I told you that it would work! (Craig Allen photo).

YES...it all mixes together!

Scoop 'em! (Craig Allen photo).

Use a melon baller (an ice cream scoop worked for me), to make small meatballs.

Lined up in a row(s)! (Craig Allen photo).

Place the meatballs in an "oiled" baking dish (ABOVE).

Bake for 8 minutes at 400 degrees...

They're out of the oven for the first time... (Craig Allen photo).

Remove the meatballs from the oven...turn them (gently)...and then cover them...

Salsa...yum! (Craig Allen photo).

...in salsa!

You can also cover them in cheese, or any other "topping" that you feel like! Be creative (if you dare).

Then put them back in the oven...

As you can see, I need 2 pans to make all the meatballs! (Craig Allen photo).

Bake at 400 degrees for another 25-30 minutes.

HOT out of the oven...DONE! (Craig Allen photo).

Let the meatballs cool a bit...then plate 'em up!

YUMMY! (Craig Allen photo).

Serve with more salsa, and (UNcrushed) tortilla chips!

Garnish with scallions and sour cream, if you wish!

I'm thinking...sometime...I might serve them with some pasta noodles!