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Craig Allen makes dessert, Austrian Linzer Torte
"That sounds pretty adventurous," you're saying.  Followed by: "What's Linzer Torte?"
I'm with you!
Short story: It's late at night, and I need to wind down. There's nothing on TV (like Bruce sings: "57 channels and nothing on&…
Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Burning Down The House”
It's the BIGGEST hit of "Talking Heads" career...and it has a "Jersey Connection."
Kind Of. Keep reading.
The Talking Heads formed (as a quartet) in New York City...with David Byrne on guitar and lead vocals, Jerry Harrison on keyboards and guitar, Tina Weymout…
Craig Allen’s found money pays NJ tax
It was really nice, almost like summer, late Wednesday afternoon.
I looked at my 'to do' list, and the clock, and decided that I had enough time to walk to the store.
Sunshine and fresh air, not to mention putting lots of steps on my Fitbit, is a good thing when I spend so much time in …
Everyday items now obsolete in New Jersey
Recently, my sister texted me a photo, saying: "Maybe you could do a blog about phones...(this one) obviously does not work."
Before the cell phone, the pay phone was the only way to "reach out, reach out and touch someone" when you were "on the road...
Craig Allen’s Boterkoek (Dutch Butter Cake) is delicious
I'm 100% Jersey. That doesn't leave any room to be "Dutch."
But, that doesn't mean that I can't bake like I am!
Friends who are...have recommended this almond-flavored cake to me...and I'm "paying it forward!"
You will need:
1 C butter, softened
1&1/2 C white sugar
2 eggs, be…
Walk the historic Johnson Trolley route
New Jersey is filled with historic sites.  You just need to look around.
Some sites are well known: we've read about them in history books, and they're a "must-see" in tour books and vacation literature.
Other historic sites you can pass by in the blink of an eye...
Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Born To Run”
It's Bruce's birthday!
With that in mind, enjoy some Born To Run "Fun Facts!"
Bruce started writing the lyrics in his Long Branch home in 1974. He says that he was sitting on the edge of his bed, playing guitar and working through some song ideas, when the phrase "…
Craig Allen’s Biggest Hits by Decade
Recently, a friend asked me: "What are your favorite songs, by decade?"
Believe me, being a "music guy" I get asked that...A LOT!
I usually ditch the question...I play music (and say silly things) for a living...making this a tough question...

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