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Craig Allen’s Christmas Favorites 2018
Jersey's "Holiday Hits" have been ruling the weekend airwaves here at New Jersey 101.5 since Thanksgiving.
Christmas lights up the Jersey night sky.
You, our listeners, are lashing trees to the top of your mini-vans...
First Christmas Lights were in New Jersey
Thomas Alva Edison was called "The Wizard Of Menlo Park."  And, this prolific inventor certainly wasn't afraid to enhance his reputation through attention-getting stunts!
Edison created the incandescent light bulb in 1879.
During the Christmas season of 1880, he assemb…
Craig Allen’s Kindergarten Thanksgiving Masterpiece
I could not wait to get home!
I ran all the way from the bus door to my front door.  I couldn't wait to show my mother the picture that I had drawn (and colored) at school, that day before Thanksgiving!  You see, I was the oldest child, so everything I did at school was exciting and ne…
Make Craig Allen’s (MOM’s) Apple Pie for Thanksgiving
Put the store-bought pumpkin pie back in the freezer where it belongs. Your family will give thanks when you serve this apple pie at your Thanksgiving dinner!
A couple years ago, after I picked a bumper crop of apples off the trees in the backyard, I asked my mom if she had an apple pie recipe...

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