Your car: A hotspot for germs?
Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "car sick," health officials claim our everyday vehicles, if not handled properly, are acting as Petri dishes of viruses and bacteria.
NJ puts the brakes on fraudulent motor oil
Nineteen motor oil products have been banned from store shelves across New Jersey after lab testing proved they were deceptively labeled and could end up causing fatal damage in the vehicles that use them.
What Your Car Color Says About You
You can take it with a skeptical grain of salt or believe in the experts. There's something called the Axalta Automotive Color Popularity Report for 2013, and experts in the field of automotive body color say there really is a lot of psychology that goes into the selection of a car's color…
Watch – Does a Ghost Car Cause This Accident? [Video]
First of all, this is the internet, so we have to take everything that we see with a grain of salt. These days, just about anyone can download basic photo and video editing software. But, that being said, this is a weird video. It appears that a "ghost car" literally appears out of nowhere…

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