Susan Kehoe, the animal activist who was standing trial for feeding bears near her home in Highland Lakes, was acquitted of deliberately feeding bears. Now that the black bear hunting season has begun this week, should it be a crime to feed the bears?

Flickr user: cam_rich345

The NJ law states that you can put out food for a bear with the intent to hunt or trap but not for nourishment. Based on the evidence, the judge in the case stated there was not enough evidence to prove Kehoe's intent.Only four people have ever stood trial under this law. Granted, even if Kehoe is anti-hunt, should she really have been on trial for reportedly putting out sunflower seeds for bears? Is that going a bit far to punish her even though she was acquitted?

Considering the low amount of defendants with this law, is it really necessary to keep this law on the books?

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