Thanks to listener Mike for sending in this photo.

Provided by Listener Mike

There have been reports of bear sightings around South Jersey and this picture shows another one.

Here's Mike's explanation with the photo:

I took the picture while doing some sign work down in Mt. Laurel. The bear was crossing the road near 379 Hartford Rd. went into someones yard drank out of a bird bath and then was eating some bird food. Probably the same bear that was around Yardville / Crosswicks area last November.


Game wardens once told me that they get pushed out by the older males and start their travels down the Delaware Water basin to our areas . Just after this photo I observed some little league players just 50 yards from where Mr. Bear was foraging . So I gave them the warning and we called the Mt. Laural police , which came out to monitor the bear situation till he moseyed on his way.

What animal sightings have you seen in New Jersey?