A bear in a tree delayed the start of school Friday morning at a high school in North Jersey.

A bear at Phillipsburg High School after being brought down from a tree with a tranquilizer gun (Mr. Troxell (@pburgprincipal) via Twitter)

NBC 10 reports early arrivals at Phillipsburg High School spotted a black bear in a tree high above the entrance to the school on Hillcrest Boulevard and Route 22.

School officials decided to delay the start of school as a New Jersey Fish and Game team tried to lure the bear down from the tree but wound up using a tranquilizer gun according to 69 News. They caught the 95 pound female bear in a net and took her away in a pickup truck.

The bear appeared to be comfortable in his perch  above some portable classrooms, stretching his legs but not making an an attempt to come down according to the Express- Times.

Superintendent George Chando told the newspaper he delayed the start of school as a precaution adding it was the first time a bear delayed the start of school.