Bayonne police are asking for the public's help to track down a 15-year-old boy who was reported missing on Oct. 16 and is believed to still be in the Hudson County area.

Family photo of missing teen Douglas McCoy, provided by Bayonne Police Department.

Douglas McCoy was last seen by his mother, Cindy Ortiz, on Oct. 15, the day before he was reported missing by his father, with whom he lives.

"I don't believe this kid is in any type of danger," said Bayonne Detective John Ballance, who is investigating the teen's disappearance.

That hasn't stopped his mother from worrying and wondering about her son's whereabouts. According to, Ortiz said the last time she saw McCoy, he "appeared to be upset with her and told her he would see her when he turned 18."

The teen had been living with his father and attending Bayonne High School, Ballance said. The boy's mother told that on Oct. 22, she received a text from her son saying that he was OK. The message was sent from a phone number she didn't recognize. She hasn't had any communication with McCoy since and she said he's always been a good student and has never disappeared like this before.

Ballance confirmed than McCoy has always been a good student and never caused any issues.

"We went to the high school and talked to teachers and counselors and he's not a problem kid," Ballance said.

According to the detective, McCoy has been spotted in and around the Bayonne and Jersey City area and authorities have reason to believe he is still in the general vicinity. They are continuing to pursue leads and tips that may direct them to the boy's exact location.

Ortiz, however, told she doesn't believe her son is in Bayonne and thinks there's a chance he's staying with someone in Hoboken or New York. She continues to fear for his safety.

Detective Ballance said anyone with information on the whereabouts of Douglas McCoy can contact him at 201-858-6925 or 201-376-1829.