You know those obnoxious family newsletters some people send out at the end of the year to gloat about how fantastic their lives are going? Here's a family that took that concept and kicked it up a notch. They made their newsletter a video instead.

Same concept, but as a video rapped to the theme of Will Smith's "Miami", this thing has gone viral. Not missing though is the gloating. About how athletic and how talented they are.

Pssst, by the way, guy in the video, no, your daughter CAN'T sing.

If you watch this and think, "My God, these people are a fun, perfect family making me feel awful about myself," stop! They are media types. He's a TV anchorman. She runs a video production company. So relax, your non-triathlon running, non-rapping, non-wacky pajama wearing family is just fine. Merry Christmas!