The Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control is seeking to suspend the license of Johnny A's Players Club in South Hackensack after a dozen charges have been filed against the "go-go bar" for lewd acts and other violations alleged to have occurred in front of ABC detectives during an investigation earlier this year.

The Division is looking to suspend the license for 445 days.  Nine of the 12 charges stem from alleged violations of the state's lewdness regulations.  During the undercover investigation, the Division alleges that female dancers employed by the club exposed themselves to the detectives and rubbed themselves against them during private dances, two actions banned by law in licensed establishments.

"These charges should send a clear message to owners of so called 'go-go bars' throughout the state that flouting the law by using sexual activity to encourage patrons to consume alcohol is not going to be tolerated," said Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Director Michael Halfacre.

"This case is of particular concern because historically, lewdness encourages intoxication and over consumption and illegal sexual activity can encourage prostitution," said Halfacre.

An anonymous tip led two undercover ABC detectives to Johnny A's Players Club on January 11.  While sitting at the bar, one detective was approached by a woman identifying herself as "Platinum," who was wearing a two-piece bathing suit.  Shortly thereafter, she exposed herself by pulling her bikini bottom out.  She held it there until the detective placed a one-dollar bill in the bottom. The public exposure violates the Division's lewdness regulations.  "Platinum" then asked the detective to buy her a drink, which employees of licensed establishments are not permitted to do.

The detective accepted an offer for a lap dance, during which "Platinum" pressed her body against his in several different positions, exposing her genitals and breasts.  The second detective had a similar experience with two different women.

A second undercover visit to the establishment ten days later yielded similar violations and brought the total charges to 12.