Governor Christie signed ten of the gun bills on his desk and left four behind.
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In a statement accompanying his signature, Christie said he signed the measure because federal authorities take care to ensure the list's accuracy. Some conservatives expressed concern that citizens will be put on the watch list mistakenly.

"I believe that federal elected officials must continue to ensure that federal law enforcement and intelligence gathering entities constantly strive to improve the levels of accuracy and reliability in terrorist screening databases," Christie wrote. "I urge Congress to take steps to ensure that law-abiding American citizens are never swept into these databases."

The Bergen Record broke down the bills into lists of what Christie signed and what still needs a decision.

Governor Christie signed the following bills into law

Prohibits people on the federal terror watch list from buying a gun
A-3717: Requires that New Jersey send certain mental-health records to the federal background check system
A-3788: Eliminates public’s right to access firearms records under the state’s Open Public Records Act
A-3796: Provides a 180-day amnesty period for people to turn in illegal weapons
S-1279: Increases penalty for transferring a firearm to an underage person
S-2430: Declares violence a public health crisis and establishes a “Study Commission on Violence”
S-2468: Allows police to impound vehicles used in gun trafficking
S-2719: Increases criminal penalties for gun trafficking
S-2720: Clarifies that the total number of firearms purchaser identification cards and permits to purchase a handgun in a municipality are public records
S-2804: Increases criminal penalties for unlawful weapons possession
Christie vetoed one bill in June:
A-3668: Prohibits the state from investing in companies that manufacture assault weapons for civilian use

These bills still require a decision

Bans sales of .50-caliber firearms
A-3797: Requires firearms trafficking statistics be included in annual Uniform Crime Report
S-2715: Creates pamphlets telling parents how to limit their children’s exposure to media violence
S-2723: Democrats’ “centerpiece” bill, alters the way New Jersey issues ID cards for prospective gun buyers and requires buyers to complete a safety course