Joy! Its Christmastime at Bob & Ginny's house! (Craig Allen photo)

For the past few years, two of my neighbors have waged a "friendly competition" when it comes to home Christmas lights. Clark Griswold ("Christmas Vacation") would be proud!

"FedEx Pat" finishing his display. (Craig Allen photo)

"Fed Ex Pat" strung up his lights, right after Thanksgiving. I wrote about him last week (click here).


"Cornershow Bob's" on-going 2012 display, from the street. (Craig Allen photo)

"Cornershow Bob" has now entered the fray.  He's been delayed by on-going Hurricane Sandy cleanup... There are no lights on the roof this year, as he needs some roof repair. And, he lost lots of trees. He's not alone...

Santa and his sleigh... (Craig Allen photo)

Unlike Pat, who puts up his display and then "leaves it alone," Bob continually adds to his light-a-palooza!

...the North Pole is at the end of Santa's lighted "landing strip!" (Craig Allen photo)

So, while he is referring to himself as "Last Minute Bob" this year, he says "don't count me out!"

Its just a good way of saying: Its EARLY...there's MORE coming!

"Away in a Manger." (Craig Allen photo)

My neighbors love this do the cars that come from far-and-wide to see it in all its glory!

I hope you enjoy the pictures here at!

"Stay tuned!"