The Shooting Star is NEW this year! (Craig Allen photo)

It has begun!

"FedEx Pat" putting the finishing touches on his 2012 display! (Craig Allen photo)

For the last few years, two of my neighbors have waged a friendly competition when it comes to home Christmas Lights displays! Believe me, this is something that the whole neighborhood  looks forward to each year!

I wrote about the displays, complete with day/night photos, last year here at!

Now, writing about the competition is a tradition! the the snow. (Craig Allen photo)

"FedEx Pat" says that he enjoys the "tradition" of putting up his display, for all to enjoy.

All lit up! (Craig Allen photo)

Its usually a 2-day job, and once its up, Pat doesn't add to the display.

FedEx Pat's 2012 display...from a different angle. (Craig Allen photo)

On the other hand, "Cornershow Bob" adds to his display, right up to Christmas Day! Once begun, its a continually-evolving light show!

Bob's on the way!

Stay tuned!