christmas lights

UPDATE: Friendly Christmas Lights Competition
If you have been following this "developing story," the Christmas Lights have "come out to play" a little early this year!
For the past few years, my neighbors, "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" have been lighting up the night...a…
Friendly Christmas Lights Competition Is Underway
If this were like any other year, the "rigging up the lights" would start bright and early Friday morning...after the turkey coma wears off!
But, this isn't just any year...for Cornershow Bob.
The excitement is growing, in my neighborhood...
Its almost time for the Christmas Lights Competition
Where has 2015 gone? SERIOUSLY!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner...and that can only mean:
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in my neighborhood!
Just the other day, I saw my neighbor FedEx Pat...
...and he told me that he and his wife, Jen, are about to take all the Christmas light boxes out of the attic, and star…

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